Degree Program

Our aim is to provide career-oriented education at a degree level that ultimately leads to professional careers in all industries related to fashion. The School of Fashion’s mission is to create fashion leaders by developing critical thinking skills through lecture-based learning and by fostering technical skills during studio time, while students practice and apply their learning during internship hours.

A degree in fashion from Ryerson will prepare you for a variety of careers in Fashion Communication and Fashion Design. The first year of the four-year program is common to all Fashion students. This foundation year is designed to give you a general overview of the knowledge and skills applicable to all branches of the fashion industry. Topics that will be covered in first year include:

  • Art History
  • Textiles
  • Pattern Drafting & Apparel Construction
  • Illustration
  • Fundamentals of Colour & Design
  • Intro to Fashion: The Industry/Concepts & Theories

In addition, courses in liberal studies provide the broad foundation necessary for later specialization. In second year, you will begin a specialization in either: Fashion Communication or Fashion Design.

Why a Degree?

When deciding whether to obtain a certificate, diploma, or a bachelor’s degree, know what you want your education to do for you. Do you want your technical and skill based learning to be complemented with lecture based theoretical, historical, and business classes? A Bachelor of Design (BDes) at Ryerson is a studio-based degree with an academic backbone. During this degree, you will take a variety of classes, inside and outside of the studio. Ultimately, you will be able to think big-picture as a well rounded Ryerson Fashion graduate.


Photo - Olivia Rubens Fashion Design Senior Project
Photographer - Katie Sadie 
Stylist - Dee George 
Make-up Artist - Kory Lynn    
Model - Mila Laschuk
HairStylist - Ekaterina Pakhlavuni